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Southeast Louisiana Legal Services: free legal aid for low-income people. Southeast Louisiana Legal Services 

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Free Legal Aid for Low-Income People

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What we do: client services for these problems > School Problems

How we may help

Our advocates can:

  • Help get your child registered for school.
  • Represent your child in unfair suspension, expulsion or transfer permit denial hearings, and in court if necessary.
  • Overcome illegal fees or help with school loan problems.
  • Get transcripts from schools that wrongly hold them for money.
  • Give advice or refer you to other sources of help.
  • Talk about school issues to community groups or social services agencies.

How to get help

All of our program offices handle school problems.  If you have an emergency, we will see you as soon as we can.  We ask that you call first if your problem is not an emergency.  When you come in, bring all the papers you have about your problem. 

If you can't come in

If you are disabled or you cannot travel to one of our offices, call us to arrange a telephone intake interview.


You can lose important rights by waiting too long to get help.  If you have an emergency (such as a hearing or a deadline), call our nearest office and explain.  If you cannot reach us by phone, come to the office nearest you with all the papers you have about your problem

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